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Powerful formulas harnessing the gifts of nature

Inspired by the exuberant natural resources of Florida for the office-dweller exposed to blue light all day, the al fresco maven who is constantly exposed to the elements, and the citadine type exposed to humidity and pollution.

We are women of today with the same skin concerns as women from the past plus modern day Digital and Environmental Pollution. In our search at CALOS we embrace tradition and the ever-evolving scientific advances of the clean skin care industry, pairing ancestral organic and natural ingredients with state-of-the-art lab elixirs.

At CALOS we don’t ignore science, we make the most out of it. Our bottles are packed with non-toxic high performance ingredients mixed to deliver maximum results.

While passionate about the environment, and being outdoors sharing our days under Florida’s sun, we try very hard to harmonize our practice and lifestyle by bringing you an effective skin care product which recyclable packaging and compostable shipping materials leave as little footprint as possible.

A bit of our story...

We are Adriana and Coco, founders of CALOS, we have been best friends since kindergarten, born in South America, raised with the upmost respect towards nature and natural resources we always knew developing a natural product was in our path. CALOS is certainly the result of our coming to age process, Natural skincare became our obsession when the first signs of aging started to show and the biggest challenge became not falling in the dirty skincare industry trap.

So, voilà! CALOS -Wildcrafters- was born and we’ve been dedicated to pair the natural ingredients with sophisticated advanced formulas to create regimens for all skin types, and most skin concerns. Our regimens are rich and addictive. We use our own products daily, try every batch and hear very closely to our friends who are loving our products as well.

World travelers and seekers as we are we landed in Miami, FL many years ago and fell in love with this piece of paradise. Our company’s name is an ode to the majestic and exuberance of the natural resources of the Florida State, CALOS celebrates springs, beaches, rain, sun, tropical fruits and plants, and even thunder.